‘We’re really proud of her’: Dog rescues Vacaville family from house fire

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VACAVILLE (KRON) — A 6-year old lab named Maggie is being called a hero after waking her family up during a fire at their Vacaville home.

Thanks to Maggie, everyone got out unharmed.

The family of four includes two teenagers.

Maggie is a lot of things — sweet, energetic, playful, but luckily quiet isn’t one of them.

Just after midnight Sunday morning, the 6-year-old black lab made herself heard.

“In the middle of the night light laying in bed sound asleep and Maggie decides to start barking  and that’s not unusual,” her owner Jennifer Rice said. 

Rice said she tried to get the dog to settle down, but Maggie kept at it.

“I walked out of my master bedroom [and] my daughters room, which is just outside my room, was glowing orange. Went in to see what was going on and her window is starting to crack from the heat of the fire just outside of her room,” she said. 

The parents, 17-year-old daughter, 14-year-old son and maggie were all able to get outside safely.

Fire burned up outside the 17-year-old’s bedroom, the fence, even melting part of the truck parked outside. 

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but it appears who started outside the house and travelled along the fence line, getting up into the eaves and then into the attic bypassing the smoke detectors

“There was no sound in our house whatsoever, so we wouldn’t of known,” Rice said. 

The smoke and fire damage is fairly extensive and many of the family possessions are ruined.  

But they still have each other and they still have their family pet.

“We’re really proud of her,” Rice said. “She is part of our family and it’s sweet to know she’s got our back no matter what.”

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