From a burger paired perfectly with fries and a drink to a pizza loaded with all of the best toppings, fast food is a go-to meal option for Americans because of its convenience – even though it isn’t the healthiest alternative.

Fast-food chains are a dime a dozen, but a recent study from CashNetUSA determined which fast-food chains were the top-rated in every state.

For California, IN-N-OUT took the top prize.

Researchers determined the rankings by identifying fast-food restaurants that served burgers, pizza, doughnuts, chicken, or Mexican food in each state. They also analyzed the ratings they received on Google Maps, the website said. Results were categorized by state and cuisine.

 The data the study contains Is from June.

Chick-fil-A was ranked as the top fast-food restaurant in 34 states. The study found that Californians considered it the best place to get chicken.

The study also found that in California, Krispy Kreme is the best place to get doughnuts, El Pollo Loco was the top-rated place for Mexican food and Marco’s Pizza was the number one ranked restaurant to grab a slice of pizza.

Papa John’s was the lowest-ranked fast-food chain in 16 states.

In the Golden State, Domino’s was the lowest-ranked pizza chain and Burger King was the lowest-ranked place to get burgers.

McDonald’s and Burger King were tied for being the lowest-ranked fast-food chain across the board.