FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – At least 22 Americans have been killed over the past four days of conflict. Several more have been either kidnapped or are still missing.

One Central Valley man is in Israel and pled to officials to bring his mother back alive.

Nahar Neta is searching for his mother Adrienne after she was allegedly kidnapped in Israel. Both of them have ties to the Central Valley, with Neta working in the agriculture industry in Visalia up until last year.

“My mom, she’s a tough lady,” says Nahar Neta.

Speaking about the woman who raised him, Neta has an address in Visalia and has worked there to bridge the gap between Israeli companies and the Ag industry in Tulare County.

His mother, Adrienne Neta, an American citizen, is missing.

Nahar believes she was kidnapped during the fighting.

“My brother called me again, in a group call and I heard my sister screaming and crying on the phone,” Neta said, “and my brother told me that they both heard Hamas terrorists burst into my mother’s home.”

The violence rocked everyone in the region.

“Many dozens more are either known to be hostages or missing,” said a spokesperson.

In a public press conference, families of Americans missing in Israel, are trying all avenues to find their loved ones.

Neta, now directing his plea to the President and those in power.

“While saying this, I want to also speak about the responsibility that the U.S. Administration, President Biden, and the Secretary of State [Antony] Blinken have for the lives of every U.S. citizen out there and they’re responsible to bring the U.S. citizens back home, safe and sound,” said Neta.

NewsNation will be speaking with Neta on Wednesday morning.