Elizabeth Hirschhorn, referred to as the “tenant from hell,” has been forced out of the Brentwood Airbnb rental she has been staying in since 2021.

Hirschhorn was escorted out of the guest house last Friday by police after she had been living there “rent-free” for 575 days, People magazine reported. Before moving out, Hirschhorn refused to leave unless she received $100,000 for relocation costs.

Sascha Jovanovic, the landlord, met Hirschhorn when she rented his guesthouse through Airbnb for six months at $105 per night. When her stay was over and she refused to leave, that’s when the trouble started.

Hirschhorn’s attorney previously told the Los Angeles Times that “she was not required to pay rent because the city had never approved the unit for occupancy and that its shower was constructed without a permit.”

“This is like a nightmare, to be honest,” Jovanovic previously told KTLA. “This is extortion. This is like manipulation. Nobody should go through this.”

Jovanovic claimed that Hirschhorn also wouldn’t let him in the unit to bring everything up to code.

Jovanovic’s guest house was never properly licensed as a rental on Airbnb and since Hirschhorn stayed there for at least six months, Jovanovic could not evict her under Los Angeles’ “Just Cause” ordinance.

The ordinance “prohibits terminations of tenancies without just cause and requires relocation assistance for no-fault evictions,” according to the Los Angeles Housing Department.

Both parties had filed lawsuits against each other, but Jovanovic’s attorney, Sebastian Rucci, filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of prejudice in Los Angeles County Superior Court regarding the eviction case, People reported.

While the judge granted the request to dismiss the eviction case, the lawsuit regarding damages against Hirschhorn is ongoing, Rucci confirmed to the publication.

It’s unclear if Hirschhorn has moved out permanently or plans to return. The landlord has since changed the locks on the property.