SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGET) — It’s official: Gov. Gavin Newsom will face a recall election. 

Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office released the numbers Monday showing there were 1,626,042 valid signatures, enough to get a recall on the ballot. The effort needed at least 1,495,709 valid signatures.

But there’s still more to be done for both sides. County elections officials still have until Thursday to validate the signatures collected. There is also a 30-day period during which those who signed the petition can request to remove their signatures. 

Randy Economy, senior advisor and spokesman for the RecallGavin2020 campaign, issued a statement Monday afternoon:

California is at a crossroad.  People are frustrated at the destructive policies, divisive politics and manipulative tactics conducted by Gavin Newsom since the day he became governor.  We cannot continue to allow one elected official in California to control each aspect of our lives without checks and balances.


“I’m pretty pleased with where we’re at. It’s exactly what I predicted would happen,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore said. “We’ve been pulling together our infrastructure that we need to put in place moving forward. We have a very good plan.”

Proponents of the recall, however, say they’re confident the governor won’t be able to remove enough to defeat the effort.

But Newsom may not even need to remove signatures.

poll released in mid-March showed a slight majority of Californians would vote to keep Newsom in office.

Organizers, though, say the poll is helpful for them. 

“It was actually a very good poll for us because it shows his tanking has not rebounded,” Dunsmore said.

The effort has drawn a range of Republicans vying for the office including reality star Caitlyn Jenner, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and 2018 gubernatorial candidate John Cox.

Newsom tweeted a response to the news, saying the effort “threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we’ve made” and included an ad attacking the recall.

The recall election date could be set some time between August and December of this year.