(KTXL) — Students at California public colleges and universities could soon get more access to the drug that reverses opioid overdoses through their schools.

The California Department of Public Health said schools will be able to order Naloxone at no cost through the Naloxone Distribution Project. 

“Some colleges already make Naloxone and overdose education a top priority, and our goal is to continue supporting them while also breaking additional barriers and stigma that may be preventing us from talking about overdose and keeping students alive,” Director Dr. Tomas J Aragon said. 

A new law going into effect on Jan. 1 aims to help prevent fatal overdoses on college campuses. The law, known as the Campus Opioid Safety Act, will give support to schools through “ life-saving education, information, and federally approved opioid overdose reversal medication on campus.”

Efforts will also be made to prevent opioid use. According to the CDPH, the law will require the agency to give students educational and preventive information as part of their orientation process.

The CDPH said the California State University and Community College systems will be required to participate in the effort, but the University of California is not required to participate — Although, they have been asked to join the renewed effort.