MADERA, California (KGPE) – Madera Police say the parents of missing 2-year-old Thaddeus Sran stopped cooperating with the investigation early on in the process.

Sran has been missing since July 14.

Police did not comment on why they believe the parents stopped talking to officers, but the family has denied the accusations and said that they have hired a lawyer.

“When the parents don’t cooperate in an investigation like this it does make it significantly more difficult,” said Madera Police Lt. Josiah Arnold. “We do think they could be helpful to us and we do hope they do resume cooperating and come back to speak with our investigators to help find Thaddeus.”

Hundreds of people, including investigators and members of the public, continue to search for Thaddeus.

“The person that is missing is a 2-year-old,” said Lt. Arnold. “But on top of that, Thaddeus also has medical problems.”

Sran’s family said the toddler has a feeding tube.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information on the child’s whereabouts.

“The most important thing to do to help find Thaddeus is to think about the night of 14th and morning of the 15th,” said Lt. Arnold. “If there is something that seems odd or out of place to call the Police Department at 675-4220.”