SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Even for someone who deals with death on a daily basis, the devastation that happened in downtown Sacramento last Sunday morning was hard to process. 

“I was actually watching the news with my daughter, and we were sitting there and I was just blown away,” said Kawame Curry. 

Many times in the face of tragedy, people are not sure how they can help. Curry said his daughter reminded him not just how he could help but that he was in a perfect position to do so. 

“She was like, ‘Hey dad, do you think we’re gonna probably do some of these programs for them?’” Curry said. 

Curry is a graphic designer by trade. One day a customer asked him to make a funeral program. His product was so well received he launched a memorial-specific division of his business called, “Keepsake Creative.” 

He runs the company with his children. The Currys create funeral programs, keepsakes and t-shirts to help other families through some of their most painful moments. He thought it was more than likely that some of the loved ones of the six people killed would reach out to him.

Then, he heard one of them was Melinda Davis.

“Some people look at homeless people like they’re less than what they are,” Curry said. 

Davis was a Sacramento resident who died where she lived, on K Street. 

“She’s still a human being. She’s still a life,” Curry said. 

He decided he wanted to help the community celebrate her life by offering to create her obituary program free of charge.

“Then I thought about it and I said, ‘As a matter of fact, I’ll do all the family’s program,’” Curry recalled. 

One victim’s family has already taken them up on their offer. The Curry family realizes they may be in for an especially busy couple of weeks if others do the same, but they feel it’s worth it.

“These programs are not going to bring the person back, but if it can create some kind of small, some kind of happiness for the family that means a lot for me and my family,” Curry said. 

The Keepsake Creative wants to make sure loved ones of the people killed on K Street know about the offer of free funeral programs. 

To contact Keepsake Creative, you can email them at