Three groups of Los Angeles Dodgers fans are upset with the team’s ownership and management, though it has nothing to do with the product on the field.

Three lawsuits filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court allege that team security used violence against fans, including assaulting, battering and falsely imprisoning some fans, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The separate incidents that prompted the lawsuits took place in August, September and October, the Times reported, and the fans suffered injuries including facial abrasions, bruising, and head, back and eye injuries, according to the plaintiffs’ attorney, Peter diDonato.

“These all relate to overly aggressive and, really, attacks on three different family members by Dodgers security,” said diDonato.

One of the plaintiffs, Monica Villa, has video showing security using what the family describes as an unnecessary amount of force on Adam Villa.

“They punched me on the side of the head and multiple times just started punching me and kicking me wherever they could, wherever it landed, and then they grabbed me by my hair and started to pull me down and they started to bang my head onto the bleachers. What they ended up doing was they pulled a big old chunk of hair out of my head,” Adam Villa said.

In the video, security can be heard telling the Villas that Adam is being escorted out for swearing, though the Villas responded that he has stopped swearing.

Another plaintiff, Salvador Mota, said his interaction with Dodgers security landed him in the hospital.

The Dodgers organization declined to comment on pending litigation.