(KGET) – The California Department of Motor Vehicles is launching a new website to access services, information, and complete transactions online in a quick and easy way.

This includes renewing your California Driver’s License and ID online.

“Modernizing our website is one of many steps the DMV is taking to ensure our customers receive consistent, quality service wherever they conduct DMV business,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “We’ve redesigned our website with our customers in mind, and I’m excited to offer this new and enhanced virtual experience.”

The DMV said the new site features an intuitive, user-friendly layout focused on improving customer service by reducing clicks and highlighting the most popular services. The DMV has simplified and rearranged content to enhance the information presented on webpages. Customers can also get their questions answered online through Miles, the DMV’s virtual assistant, or the live chat feature – which the DMV rolled out and enhanced in the months preceding the launch of the redesigned website.

The DMV website redesign is a direct response to the recommendations made in 2019 by the DMV Strike Team, which Governor Gavin Newsom created to lead a comprehensive modernization and reinvention of the DMV with an emphasis on transparency, worker performance, speed of service and overall consumer satisfaction, said the DMV.

The department said many transactions don’t require a visit to a field office, and the DMV encourages customers to use the Service Advisor on the new DMV website to learn options to complete DMV tasks.