SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KGET) — There have been recent outbreaks of adenovirus hemorrhagic disease in deer and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking residents to report potential cases and not feed the animals.

The department in May began receiving increased reports of mortality in deer and confirmed the disease in counties including Kern. It’s spread when animals are in close contact with each other but is not known to affect people, pets or domestic livestock, officials said.

Dr. Brandon Munk with fish and wildlife said in a news release providing food, salt licks or water for deer is against the law because animals congregate near them and the disease can spread.

“There is no cure or vaccine for this disease, so our best management strategies right now are to track it carefully, and to take preventative measures to limit the spread,” he said.

Anyone who sees a deer with symptoms including foaming at the mouth, diarrhea, regurgitation or seizures is asked to submit a report to the department here.