LOS ANGELES (KGET) — As gas prices continue to skyrocket, California lawmakers are introducing legislation that will require oil refiners to disclose how much they make on every gallon sold.

State Sen. Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) joined consumer advocates this week to introduce the California Oil Refinery Cost Disclosure Act. Allen says Californians pay an average of $1.09 more per gallon than most other Americans.

A 2019 report by the state energy commission found that the primary cause of California’s high gas prices is simply that the state’s retail gasoline outlets are charging more than those in other states.

“There continues to be a big black hole when it comes to data with relation to the oil and gas industry and how they price gas at the pump for regular Californians, and I think of course the industry prefers that it stays that way,” Allen said.

“We’re asking the oil companies — on behalf of California drivers — let’s end the games of smoke and mirrors, open your books, show the public your true cost of doing business.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom has called for an investigation into the state’s retail gasoline outlets. No results have been announced.