California Gov. Gavin Newsom visited China last week to strengthen cultural ties between the Golden State and the powerhouse Asian nation, but one of the governor’s moves may not make relations that much better. 

That move was a behind-the-back crossover. 

While in Beijing over the weekend, the governor took a break from diplomatic activities to let loose on the basketball court with some students, and after spinning the ball on his finger a few times, he began to drive towards the basket. 

Only, he didn’t get very far. 

Newsom vs. Chinese boy
California Gov. Gavin Newsom plowed into a child while on a trip to Beijing, China. (X/@TripInChina)

After a spin move around a double team, Newsom pivoted and went for a behind-the-back crossover before temporarily losing the ball (thanks to some good defense from one of the children) and plowing into the other child who was defending him.

Had a referee been there, Newsom would have most likely been called for an offensive foul. 

Newsom quickly recovered after tumbling onto the boy, telling him “I got you” as he patted him on the back. 

Neither the child nor the governor was injured.