California isn’t the ideal place to settle down and raise a family, according to a new study.

Scholaroo, a scholarship finder website, released a report ranking the top 151 cities in the U.S. to raise a family based on 33 metrics grouped into seven categories: Safety, Healthcare, Finances, Education, Leisure, Quality of Life, and Home Atmosphere.

Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, and its overall score determined its ranking on the list.

The highest-ranked California city was Huntington Beach, ranked in the 38th spot. The city earned an overall score of 56 out of 100.

An overall score of 100 would represent the “best” place to raise a family.

California cities ranked:

  • 52nd: Anaheim
  • 88th: San Diego
  • 91st: Sacramento
  • 94th: Long Beach
  • 111th: Riverside
  • 112th: Fremont
  • 114th: Fresno
  • 115th: San Jose
  • 122nd: Oakland
  • 127th: San Francisco
  • 134th: Bakersfield
  • 136th: Modesto
  • 147: Stockton
  • 148th: Los Angeles
  • 150th: Santa Ana

Stockton, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana all ranked in the bottom 10, according to the report.

The best city to raise a family was Yonkers, New York, followed by Warwick, Rhode Island.