State lawmaker introduces bill to eliminate speed limits on I-5, Highway 99


One California lawmaker wants to let you drive more than 100 mph on the freeway without fear of getting a ticket.

A state senator has introduced a bill that would add two high-speed lanes of traffic north and southbound on Interstate 5 and Highway 99 between Bakersfield and Stockton.

Like Germany’s Autobahn, those additional lanes would not have a speed limit.

Under the proposed law the high speed lanes would be separated from existing traffic by some form of barrier such as a K-rail.

The author, state Senator John Moorlach, says his bill is good environmental policy because cars moving at high speeds emit lower emissions than cars stuck in stop and go traffic.

Moorlach also contends high speed lanes will improve safety on freeways.

“You’re going to know what’s safe, you’re going to be very safe if you have passengers and you’re going to pay attention,” he said. “We looked at the data in Germany and their traffic accident rate is a lot lower than those here in the states.”

Sen. Moorlach says high speed lanes could be constructed with gas tax money or by using cap-and-trade dollars that are currently going to the high-speed rail project.

He says it will be far more cost effective to kill the bullet train and use those tax dollars instead for a high-speed freeway system.

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