The state has approved a $3.25 billion bond request on Wednesday for high-speed rail. 

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank’s board approved a bond request to DesertXpress Enterprises, LLC. for the construction of about 135 miles of rail lines between Victorville and the California/Nevada state line as well as a passenger station and maintenance facility in Victorville. 

This funding will apply to the California section of a rail line that will run from Victorville to Las Vegas. This is not part of the main California line that will run from San Francisco to Anaheim. Rather, this is a separate project called Virgin Trains that is being constructed in partnership with the California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is overseeing the main rail line.

According to IBank, this is the largest bond request the board has ever approved.

“High speed rail coming your way SoCal! Thank you board members and staff who have worked tirelessly on this project!” the bank said on social media.