Spray Safe event educates farmers on pesticide safely


Hundreds of people came out to attend a program created over a decade ago – to reduce incidents of pesticide drift in Kern County.

The Spray Safe Program started out 13 years ago with a couple dozen growers and applicators in attendance.

The event took place at the Kern County Fairgrounds, providing classes in English and Spanish.

Close to 700 people were in attendance, Friday morning, to learn about the latest pesticide regulations and safe application practices.

“It was to educate people on how to spray safely, how to avoid drift, and we did this because we were having accidents, we didn’t want the regulators to come in and pass more laws, we wanted to prevent accidents from happening in the first place,” said Mark Hall, Co-Chairman of the Spray Safe Committee.

The program is sponsored by local growers and the Kern County Farm Bureau.

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