SmartWater tech leads investigators to theft arrests


It’s called SmartWater CSI and it represents a new wave of protection against rural property theft in the Central Valley.

SmartWater is a clear traceable liquid which contains a forensic code.

The liquid can be applied to items of value, personal, commercial and industrial.

When SmartWater is is applied to a piece of property, like electrical cables for example, the microscopic fragments are invisible to the naked eye. But those tiny markers can be see under ultra-violet light.

If the stolen property is recovered, the forensic markers can help investigators trace it back to the rightful owner.

Residue from the liquid also rubs off on to the hands and clothing of the thief, which increases conviction rates for property theft.

It’s already paying off in Tulare County, officials say.

An 18-year-old has already been arrested for theft of a diesel generator. Officials say deputies tracked the man at his home with SmartWater on his hands.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office says it has solved a number of recent rural thefts using SmartWater.

The sheriff’s office provides sample batches of SmartWater CSI to local growers and businesses for free.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office does not provide samples due to budget constraints.

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