Singing Janitor Brings Joy To Seniors


(WEYI/NBC News) Sterling Brooks is using his talent to help residents overcome their obstacles at Michigan’s Bay Shores Senior Care and Rehab Center.

Brooks is a janitor tech, but he does more than just buffing the floors and vacuuming.

When he’s around, you don’t just hear the sound of a vacuum, you’ll hear some old school tunes.

“It’s like a habit,” he says. “You got to catch yourself and go stop that.”

One resident got wind of Sterling’s musical abilities and requested a song, so Sterling cut a deal.

“I said, ‘Hey, if you eat, I’ll come down and I’ll sing to you,'” he recalls, “and she began to eat for a while.”

His audience grew and grew and now his performances happen daily, giving the residents something to look forward to.

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