Sikh community members hand out hot lunch meals to homeless


Members of the Sikh community joined together near Mill Creek Park Sunday to deliver hot lunch meals to the homeless. For the last four and half years, the Sikh community has donated more than 60,000 meals to those in need.

“It’s a blessing,” said homeless man Ronald Britton.

Local Sikh leader and activist Nazar Singh Kooner said giving to those in need is a tenet of his Sikh faith — a faith whose core mission is tolerance.

“It is to bring the community together,” he said of giving to those in need. “[The] only key we need in the world is tolerate each other no matter language, no matter color, and no matter what faith – just the human blood is red for everybody.”

Kooner said he and members of his community come out every Sunday to feed homeless in the area. But leaders in the Sikh community say recent crimes committed by those of the Sikh faith have lead to misinformation about Sikhs.

Last November, a Sikh woman was accused of killing her teenage daughter’s baby to prevent shame in their family. More recently, a Sikh man admitted he killed his daughter-in-law to protect his honor, according to police reports.

However, Kern Sikh activists and leaders say their faith does not condone nor represent these individual cases.

“It’s all about tolerance,” said Sikh activist Bobby Sing Brar. “God only teaches love. So you should love each other.”

Kooner shared a similar sentiment.

“We hate violence. “Sikhs are not criminals, they are peace-loving people.

In addition to serving meals, Sikh leaders said they work with homeless to help connect them to business owners with job openings.

“These are good guys,” Britton said. “They’re good people.”

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