Sheriff Donny Youngblood discusses his trip to US-Mexico border with President Trump


Sheriff Donny Youngblood was on 17 News at Sunrise on Thursday, talking about his trip to the US-Mexico border last week with President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, officials said border crossings were at a 12-year high for March.

More than 53,000 people traveling as part of families were apprehended, up from 36,000 in February.

Sheriff Youngblood said he spoke to Border Patrol who told him people would take taxis along the border until they got to an open area, and cross into the United States.

He called the experience “eye opening.”

“The border security is an issue that is not a President Trump issue, it’s a national security issue,” Yongblood said. 

“People need to put Trump out of the equation, put Congress out of the equation and look at our border security and demand that we take action and come up with a plan for people to migrate, to come into our country, but it can’t be illegally.”

Sheriff Youngblood also talked about Assembly Bill 392.

The bill would change use of force rules for police.

It would allow officers to use deadly force only when “necessary” to prevent imminent and serious injury or death as opposed to “reasonable.”

Sheriff Youngblood called the effort dangerous.

He said it would create dangerous situations for officers who have to make split-second, life or death decisions. 

The sheriff says he favors a bill being supported by other sheriffs that emphasizes de-escalation.

Watch the full segment from 17 News at Sunrise below:

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