Second proof of residency needed for REAL ID


Californians who got their REAL IDs and only showed one proof of residency will now have to show a second proof of residency to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The federal government has offered the state a grace period to fix the problem. 

This happened after the DMV requested an additional $200 million from the state to help rollout the REAL ID program. 

“The money properly spent last time, last year because we gave the money for staffing they weren’t trained. We gave them money for tablets…they bought them but didn’t use them. We gave them money to help with text messaging, they paid for the service but didn’t use it,” said Assembly Member Phil Ting. “So, again the real question is how can we have confidence that the resources we give them will be used appropriately?”

DMV officials testified yesterday in Sacramento and lawmakers blasted the agency for system outages, two occuring that morning. 

DMV officials blame the inadequate computer infrastructure and deferred maintenance. They also suggested that more funds could help address the issue of the infrastructure and maintenance. 

Americans must have obtained a REAL ID by October of 2020 in order travel by plane and gain access to federal facilities without a passport. 

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