Search and Rescue recover body near Kern River

Body found in Kern River

(Update: Aug. 27) Kern County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue crews recovered a body in the Kern River Saturday.

This comes after Dana Ray Adams, 37, was reported missing earlier last week.

Officials are not confirming the identity of the man found in the river yet, according to search and rescue. The age and clothing description are consistent with Adams but they must wait on an autopsy by the coroner’s office for the official determination, according to KCSO.

Previous Story (Aug. 23)  Search and Rescue crews are looking for a man who disappeared near the Kern River Tuesday night.

Three people have died in the Kern River thus far in 2018, and KCSO is hoping 37-year-old Dana Ray Adams won’t be the fourth.

His family says he’s been homeless for years–calling campsites by the river home and keeping the company of his mother and his fiance Britney.

Britney said Adams left camp to go fishing around 10 p.m. Tuesday at the north side of the river, near Camp Okihi by the soccer park. That was the last time she saw him.

The next morning, she found his shirt, hat, and fishing pole by the shore. That’s when she filed a missing person’s report.

The sheriff’s department says it’s not concerning that Adams went fishing at night.

“People have fished along the river all the time,” said KCSO Sergeant Kevin Kimmel.

However, a fact they do find worrisome: “she did tell us from time to time he would climb in the river and float down in the river a distance and make his way back to them. but he did not do that last night,” Kimmel said.

KCSO says a few possibilities come to mind.

“He could have been dragged by the current. That’s not out of the realm of possibility,” Kimmel explained. “Or he could have floated down the river at some point and time and gotten out and has not gotten back to his relatives to let them know he’s okay yet.”

Search and Rescue deployed a drone throughout the day Thursday and several rafts to search by eye.

Even after 48 hours, KCSO says they’re not calling this a recovery mission yet.

“We’re still trying to find him alive and hopefully uninjured. But our goal is just to locate him,” Kimmel said.

This unfortunate incident serves as another reminder to stay out of the Kern River.

If you want to go in, make sure you’re with a professional rafting company or you have a proper floatation device.

If you’ve seen Dana Adams, you’re urged to call the Kern County Sheriff’s Office at 861-3110. 

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