Sabrina Limon was sentenced Wednesday morning to 25 years to life in prison in the death of her husband, Robert Limon, in a Tehachapi rail yard in 2014.

Judge Brownlee denied the motion for a new trial after hearing from Limon’s new attorney Sharon Beth Marshall and Prosecutor Eric Smith. 

Marshall helped Sabrina file a motion for a new trial after she claims her client did not have an adequate trial under attorney Richard Terry.

“Would any other defense attorney have put Limon on the stand to testify?” Marshall, arguing for a new trial, asked. 

Marshall claims Jonathan Hearn, the key witness for the prosecution was a liar who would have said anything to knock down his own time in jail.

Eric Smith took the stand after Marshall defending Richard Terry and his own case. 

After the judge denied the motion for a new trial, the packed courtroom heard from Robert Limon’s family.

“We have faith that the judicial system has prevailed,” a teary Chris Wilson, sister of Robert Limon said.