Sabrina Limon is officially serving time in prison.

Limon was admitted to the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla on Wednesday, according to CCWF. She began her sentence of 25 years to life, plus an additional 16 months. 

Limon was found guilty in the death of her husband, Robert Limon, in a Tehachapi rail yard in 2014.

Her former boyfriend, Jonathan Hearn, now 27, admitted he fired the fatal shot. In exchange for his testimony against Sabrina Limon, prosecutors reduced the murder charge against him to voluntary manslaughter.

He pleaded guilty to that charge and is serving a 25-year prison term. Hearn only has to serve 85 percent of his sentence, so with time served, he will be out in about 18 years.

During the trial, he testified he and Sabrina Limon contrived the plot because they were in love and wanted to be together. 

Limon took the witness stand in her own defense to claim she was in love with Hearn but he was obsessed with her and acted alone to kill her husband. 

The Limon trial combined sex, religion and murder to become one of the most highly watched cases in Kern County in years.