Rumors around Orrin and Orson West case lead to fighting among community members, one arrest

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – It’s been two and a half months since 3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West were reported missing.

“The facts of the case are still going forward,” said Sgt. Robert Pair with Bakersfield Police Department. “The boys have not been located, and there has been no arrests made.”

Bakersfield Police Department is now the lead agency on the case. Around 50 officers and FBI agents searched for evidence in a dirt lot near the Casa Loma Apartments on Saturday. But they’ve given no information on developments in the investigation.

“On a daily basis there’s case movement, there’s interviews that occur,” Pair said. “There’s items of evidence that are searched.”

This leaves time for the public to speculate. That speculation results in online arguments and finger-pointing.

“I get it these guys believe their trying to make a difference and trying to help us out, but it appears to me that they’re just fighting with each other,” said Jon Walker, Chief of Police in California City.

One YouTuber, Doug Hutton, accused the neighbor of the adoptive parents in California City of being connected to the boys’ disappearance. That neighbor then put pictures of Hutton all over the adoptive parents’ house along with a banner asking “Doug Hutton, Where are the boys?” On Friday, Hutton saw the postings and took them down

“Then he went to the neighbor’s house, was walking around the house,” Walker said. “One of the people who lives in that house showed up, they had a confrontation in the street. We responded and had to deal with the confrontation. He ended up going to jail because he had some outstanding misdemeanor warrants.”

Police say Hutton was then cited and released.

“Now I have to use my resources to respond to these incidents and deal with these incidents,” Walker said. “That is taking focus away from the actual investigation.”

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