Ride along with a Bakersfield Police Department officer


For Bakersfield Police Department 2018 Use of Force numbers, click here.

They are headlines the country sees frequently, yet many people find them to be the most disturbing. 

From officer-involved shootings to domestic violence calls gone wrong, it seems the conversation about interactions between law enforcement and civilians is at the forefront of our nation’s concerns.

According to the Bakersfield Police Department, 559 Use of Force incidents were reported in 2018.

Moreover, the recent shooting death of a Sacramento police officer has sparked the conversation of the controversies tied to officer and civilian interactions. 

That’s why 17 News’ Vanessa Dillon takes viewers for a ride along with a Bakersfield police officer, to see how a regular day on the job can escalate. 

“There’s really no routine call,” Officer Paul Madriz with the Bakersfield Police Department said. “Every person you interact with has a different story, a different background, a different reason [they are there] at that particular moment.”

Officer Madriz said a typical day consists of welfare checks, disturbance of the peace calls and domestic violence calls. 

He said some days include cooperative interactions, while others might involve a bigger fight. 

“It was simply check the welfare,” Officer Madriz said. “As soon as we get there it turns into a very violent encounter, with the particular subject. It just goes to show really anything can come out of a call.”

That’s why Officer Madriz said his goal is to never be complacent on the job.

“We go to so many calls everyday,” Officer Madriz said. “A lot of them start to seem routine, [but] we have to be very deliberate in reminding ourselves that this isn’t just another everyday call.”

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