‘Rest in Punk Brianna:’ Two deadly downtown Bakersfield stabbings in two weeks


We’re getting a clearer picture of the woman who was fatally stabbed Friday night in downtown Bakersfield.

A family friend who stopped by a memorial on Eye St Monday afternoon told 17 News the victim, Brianna, was an animal loving vegan who marched in this years Women’s March and loved punk rock.

Several candles on Eye Street read, “Rest in Punk Brianna.”

It was a calmer scene compared to the end of last week. 

Around 9PM friday, a fight broke out outside of Dagny’s Coffee Company.

Police said one woman stabbed and killed Brianna with a knife.

This stabbing occurred less than two weeks after another fatal stabbing a block away at the Fox Theater.

We spoke with Bakersfield City Councilman Andrae Gonzales who represents downtown Bakersfield, who offered his condolences and a message to anyone asking if downtown is safe..

“You look at both of these instances, they’re both unrelated to one another, both isolated incidents and really they could have happened anywhere…First Friday there were thousands of people downtown, enjoying their evening. They went to local restaurants they had private events, they went to art galleries, they went to cafes here in downtown Bakersfield, and they enjoyed their evening and they went home safely,” said Gonzales.

Councilmember Gonzales added through federal funding, three new police officers have been hired in the past month specifically to walk and patrol downtown areas.

Police arrested 21-year-old Miranda Garcia Friday night on suspicion of murder. 

Garcia is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday at 3PM.

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