Republicans take victory lap after tax bill passes


President Trump invited Republicans in the House and Senate to join him in a South Lawn celebration after the passage of a massive tax reform bill.

Flanking the President was none other than Bakersfield Congressman and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who has been a vocal advocate for the tax bill from the start. 

With a hard-fought tax reform race officially won, Republicans began their victory lap at the White House.

After successfully selling the bill in congress, the work of selling it to the American people has begun.

Helping the President just to his right, was Majority Leader McCarthy.

“No matter when I called, he was there or he’d get back within minutes,” said President Trump.

McCarthy praised the president.

“You listened to voices no one else was listening to. You listened to those that were trying to get a pay raise or that parent who was fighting for their children or to that person who always dreamed about being an entrepreneur creating a small business, like you did Mr. President,” said McCarthy in brief remarks.

This was President Trump’s first major legislative win delivering two campaign promises for the price of one.

“We essentially repealed Obamacare because we got rid of the individual mandate which was terrible,” said the president.

Hours earlier members of the House battled one last time over the bill that gives a permanent tax cut to corporations but no long-term guarantees for the middle class.

The measure passed for a second time after a technicality forced a re-vote.

However still looming before congress is a Friday deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

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