Reports: Woman snaps, allegedly kills husband after he throws dinner plate at her


Sheriff’s reports detail the death of a Rosamond man that first appeared to be a suicide until deputies looked more closely. When it came to the culprit they looked no further than the woman with whom Jack Rosema shared his home and life with-his wife.

Reports paint 60-year-old Lila Rosema as a church going woman who lived a quiet life with no past run ins with the law. To put it simply, Rosema said she “snapped” before pulling the trigger and killing her husband. And as one detective put it, the big question here: is this cold blooded murder or self defense? That could be the big question if the case goes to trial.

Lila Rosema told detectives she married her husband Jack Rosema in 2006 and said from the start the relationship was “horrible.” She said she had no freedom and wasn’t allowed to have keys to the couple’s Rosamond home. She said things between her and her husband got worse when she recently got a job.

A friend and church companion described Rosema as a prisoner in her own home. When investigators initially interviewed Rosema about the day her husband died, she said it started with her fixing him a very nice dinner and bringing it to him in bed. She said she then told him she couldn’t do this anymore and said she knew he was going to kill her.

Rosema said he then threw his plate of peas, hamburger, and gravy at her before leaping out of bed, naked, and running to his gun safe. She said he grabbed a gun and shot at her-missed-and then shot himself in the back of the head.

After gentle questioning, Rosema eventually was coaxed into admitting that’s not how it really happened. She said she worried God would send her hell. She said she felt horrible guilt-but she just snapped after he threw the dinner plate. She said after the hot meal was chucked her way, she grabbed his gun and shot him.

Rosema also told investigators prior to the shooting she’d told friends she was desperate and didn’t know what to do but knew she had to get out of her marriage. When asked why she did it, she blurted out “hatred.” She went onto say she was tired of being beaten. Rosema faces a charge of first degree murder.

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