Reports: Tehachapi man convicted of killing mother says she didn’t stop his ongoing molestation as a child

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Tehachapi man convicted of murder in the stabbing death of his mother wrote that he was molested as a child and his mother didn’t take action to prevent the ongoing abuse, according to court documents.

A search in May of Matthew Jensen’s electronic storage devices found the document, dated Nov. 23, 2009, alleging the molestation and his mother’s inaction, according to a search warrant that recently became available.

A prosecutor said in the warrant that the newly discovered document was outside the scope of the original warrant filed in the case. A search of Jensen’s electronic devices dating back to Jan. 1, 2009, was requested in the new warrant.

A family member said Matthew Jensen, 52, was experiencing a number of problems in 2017 when he grabbed a knife and stabbed his mother 42 times, according to the warrant.

Jensen had financial problems with the IRS, was behind on child support payments and had defaulted on his truck, documents say his sister told investigators. She said he suffered from liver problems due to excessive drinking and had shown signs of depression.

Early Oct. 23, 2017, Barbara Jensen Teague tried to have an involuntary psychiatric hold placed on Matthew Jensen after noticing her son’s increasingly strange behavior the past few days culminating with him rambling about religious issues, court documents say. 

He wasn’t admitted. Hours later, he entered his mother’s bedroom and killed her, according to the documents.

Upon his arrest after fleeing to Mohave County, Ariz., Jensen told deputies he was under the influence of Russian mind control and had heard voices telling him to kill his mother, with whom he lived. He said he hadn’t slept in nine days. 

“I did what they told me,” he told deputies. “I killed my own mother.”

The deputies saw Jensen’s wrists were cut, his tendons and ligaments showing. He also appeared to have puncture wounds to his chest.

The Mohave deputies contacted Kern authorities, who went to Teague’s house in the 19900 block of Luana Drive and found her body lying in a bed amid blood-soaked sheets and pillows. 

Interviewed as he recovered in an Arizona hospital, Jensen told investigators how he entered his mother’s bedroom as she slept then killed her. Afterward, he said, he drove away with no particular destination in mind.

Jensen said he stopped off a highway in Arizona as guilt overwhelmed him and tried to kill himself, according to the documents.

A jury convicted Jensen of second-degree murder in March.

He’s due back in court June 20.

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