Rep. TJ Cox releases report on Diabetes in CA’s 21st Congressional District


Congressman TJ Cox (D-Fresno) was in at Memorial Hospital in Central Bakersfield Thursday unveiling a new report detailing how many people in the 21st congressional district live with Diabetes.

The 10-page report touches on how Diabetes impacts those who live in the 21st Congressional District, a district Conx has represented since January 2018..

The report finds 14,000 people live with Diabetes in the district, whose borders include parts of Bakersfield, and extend as far north as Fresno County and as far south as Arvin.

The document states families in the district pay more than $1,200 annually out of pocket for insulin, and a quarter of patients with the disease have to ration their insulin medicine because of the expense.

Congressman Cox, who spoke alongside patient advocates and doctors, discussed the importance of the National Diabetes Prevention Program — a national partnership of public and private organizations which, among other things, conduct diabetes research.

Unless congress passes a spending package by November 22nd, funding for this program will run out.

“People need care, and they need to be able to afford the care,” Cox said at the press conference. “Just like the people here in the district who can’t afford their own incline medicine, that to me is unacceptable. So one, we need to stabilize the affordable care act, we need to bring down the cost of proscription drugs, we need ensure ensure access out to our rural communities, and we also need to expand our healthcare workforce.”

A government shutdown is likely if Democrats and Republican Congressional members cannot agree on a spending deal by Nov. 22.

Congressman Cox and Congressman Kevin McCarthy have said they will do everything in their power to prevent a shutdown.

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