With a week to go before Sabrina Limon could be sentenced, Prosecutor Eric Smith filed his response to the defense’s motion for a new trial. Smith’s response is short and sweet and cuts to the point: Sabrina Limon’s new attorney has not proved that her trial attorney did an inadequate job-and furthermore-if Limon had a new attorney, there is no evidence the jury would not have convicted her anyways.

Prosecutor Eric Smith backs the man he argued against during the three-week trial. Smith says defense attorney Richard Terry acted reasonably within professional norms and that his cross examination of Sabrina’s former lover, Jonathan Hearn, was both extensive and thorough. Essentially, Smith says Richard Terry did a fine job representing Limon, and the jury convicted her because of the overwhelming evidence against her.

When it comes to the claim that Sabrina was both shocked and unprepared when Richard Terry called her to the stand, Smith points out Limon said on record that she wanted to testify and understood she didn’t have to. Smith says from the time she was arrested to the date she took the stand, Terry visited Limon in jail 17 times.

Smith concludes by explaining despite attorney Sharon Beth Marshall claiming Richard Terry didn’t provide sufficient counsel, she and Terry have the same exact defense, Marshall just suggests she could’ve done it better.

Next Wednesday Marshall and Smith will go head to head for the first time, arguing against each other in front of Judge John Brownlee. If Brownlee denies the motion for a new trial, Sabrina will receive her sentence of 25 years to life.