Primary 2020: How Kern County voter turnout compares to previous elections

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – More than 150,000 Kern County voters cast a ballot on Super Tuesday, according to the Kern County Elections Department.

At least 158,510 ballots have been turned in so far, according to Mary Bedard, Kern County clerk and registrar of voters.

The figure is roughly 40,000 more ballots than those cast during Kern County’s primary election day in June 2018.

Even so, primary 2020 voting statistics reflect a lower turnout than the last general election when Californians headed to the polls to choose a new governor. Then, just over 202,000 Kern County voters cast a ballot.

Furthermore, more than 240,000 voters cast a ballot in Kern County during the 2016 general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Dirk Michael Horn, a political science lecturer at California State University Bakersfield, said he expects Kern County voters to turn out in higher numbers for the upcoming general election this November because it is a presidential election year.

“People that support President Trump are going to come out to support him in full, and people that don’t support president trump are going to come out in full to not support him,” Horn said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see higher turnouts than we did in 2016 because of the polarization of the electorate. Everybody wants to vote for their team and get that person into the office, so you’ve got to show up to make sure your team wins,” he continued.

Friday marks 242 days until general election day, November 3rd.

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