Pregnant mom of three burglarized


 A single, pregnant mother of three opened up to 17 News about the emotional moment right before Thanksgiving when she walked into her home and realized she had been burglarized. 

Diamondnique McMillon is six months pregnant. She had been staying at her mom’s house after being prescribed bed rest. Last Monday, she went home to pick up clothes for her kids. Her home is located near Ashe and White Lane.

When she got there the door was open and her house turned upside down. 

McMillon has three girls, her first son is on the way. She was staying with her mother for the last two weeks. Last Monday, she went back to her place to get her children their holiday clothes.

“When I came in, I saw that my living room TV was gone, so I told my sister, ‘someone broke 
into my house,’” said Mcmillon.

The TVs in her room and in one of the girl’s room, also gone.

“The first thing that came to mind was to check the living room closet because that’s where I kept all my son’s stuff that I just got him,” said Mcmillon. “His stroller, his walker, his bassinet, his clothes.”

Items purchased for her son, gone. 

“They walked through my house and saw that I had another baby on the way, they saw that I had kids, so who would want to take from kids,” said Mcmillon.

Not only taking electronics, the burglars went through her closets stealing clothing from her and her little girls, and it gets worse.

“They took my washer and dryer. they basically moved my whole house out,” said Mcmillon.

Unfortunately Mcmillon, doesn’t have renters insurance. 

She says she has the only key to her home and has no clue who did this. A neighbor did see something suspicious.

“He said he saw two people, one lady knocking on my door and when they saw him, they got in the truck and left,” said Mcmillon.

While Bakersfield Police continue their investigation McMillon tries to remain strong as Christmas is less than a month away. Knowing the one thing she does have is her family.

“I pray for whoever did it because obviously they’re not in the right state of mind,” said Mcmillon.

Mcmillon’s sister set up a gofundme account for McMillon and her kids. If you are interested in donating to the family you can find her gofundme account under “Help Diamondnique Mcmillon& herKids after burglary.”

If you have any information on the burglary you are asked to call BPD at 327-7111.

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