BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tuesday is Election Day, the day that candidates and voters alike have been waiting for. The people of Kern County have their first say in who will represent them in national, state and local offices.

With universal mail-in voting an established element of the voting process in California, registered voters have been able to cast their ballot for nearly a month. Tuesday, scores of polling sites will open their doors to those who prefer to vote in person.

Like every county, Kern has safeguards in place to ensure voters aren’t able to cast multiple votes or otherwise skew the election results. Those safeguards will require voters to plan ahead no matter how they cast their ballot on Election Day.

To return mail-in ballots, voters will have to sign the back of the envelope before mailing it in or dropping it at a polling place. The signature allows elections officials to verify the identity of each voter.

To vote in person, voters must bring their mail-in ballots and surrender them at the polling place so officials can protect against voters casting two ballots.

To find your closest polling place, visit

Not registered? Not a problem!

Voters can register at the polls on Election Day. Ask for a Conditional Voter Registration form, which will allow your vote to be counted once your voter registration is verified.