BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — People are voting at more than 150 poll sites across Kern County. Some of these sites have seen moderate foot traffic while others haven’t seen much action at all.

It’s Election Day and people from all across Kern County went out to cast their votes but one of the takeaways so far is that local turnout has been low.

Here’s how today went for most voters: It was a quick in-and-out. Meaning, there were no lines and numbers awfully low.

“Compared to like a general election it’s much more busy. Like right now, there’s like nobody inside,” Hunter Bishop a Kern County voter said.

This was a similar sight across Bakersfield. At a half dozen polling sites we went to, none of them had a line. While most had three or fewer people voting at a given time, but overall voting was quick and simple.

“Like two minutes just to walk in, say hi, and drop off my ballot,” Lindsay Magar a first-time Kern County voter said. “But at home, I really took my time to kind of like look up people and what’s important about their values and how they line up with my own.”

People of all ages came out to vote. Most were older but a few we met were young and this was one of their first elections. Each said the same thing, voting is important.

Some community youth are encouraging everyone to go out and vote especially in this local election where the effects of your vote will be seen.

“We need to secure our future, so it’s better that we create the future that we want to be in at that time so that’s why we need to vote,” AJ Battle a Kern County voter said.

“An election that might not seem super important, it’s like a butterfly effect,” Bishop said. “There’s so many people that are important. This is a gubernatorial election. The governor makes a lot of important decisions in California and your vote matters.”

The pole locations will be open until 8 p.m. and we’ll have a better idea on those final turnout numbers in the following days.