BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Thursday, the Dolores Huerta Foundation gave its seal of approval to California’s new legislative and congressional district maps.

The foundation said it conducted thousands of surveys with the public over the new districts and submitted its own maps for consideration local and state leaders. It said the final maps are more fairly distributed when it comes to representing people of color, especially in the Central Valley, where about 70 percent identify as non-white.

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission unanimously approved the news maps Monday. The new maps aimed to create a majority Latino congressional district.

The foundation said the new districts ranging from Merced to past Victor Valley show promise for transformative change in representation for all people of color and the poor and disenfranchised of any race or ethnicity. 

“The 2020 U.S. Census results confirmed what we already knew – our state is increasingly made up of communities of color and it’s time that our elected officials reflect that rich diversity of our state,” it said in a statement. “The legislative and congressional districts in the Central Valley and Antelope Valley are finally a reflection of that diversity.”