BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — California’s new congressional and state legislative maps were finalized in late December. Big announcements bringing shake-ups to the Central Valley’s political landscape haven’t stopped since.

We have an in-depth look at the region’s new senate map and an early rundown of who you could see on your ballot in 2022.

California has 40 state senate seats. Half the senate is up for reelection in presidential election years and the other half in midterm years. In 2022, the three districts in and around Kern, the 12th, 16th and 14th, will all be on the ballot.

The new 12th district

The new 12th district includes a portion of Bakersfield similar to what Senator Shannon Grove currently represents, but overall, boundaries here look drastically different. It still contains a large part of Bakersfield but now, stretches all the way up to the Fresno suburb of Clovis. This is very similar to the new 20th congressional district that is the closest to Kevin McCarthy’s current boundaries. Just like the new 20th congressional district, this senate district is very red.

The changes to this district are significant, especially when compared to the boundaries of Grove’s district for the last ten years before redistricting, which include a large area of mostly rural San Bernardino and do not stretch up nearly as high as Fresno.

As far as candidates, no one has officially declared for this race yet, but again, it is closest to Republican Shannon Grove’s current district.

The new 16th district

The new 16th district is the other district that includes Bakersfield. There aren’t too many geographical changes to this district. It splits down Bakersfield to cut out mostly east Bakersfield and put it in these boundaries. That section of Bakersfield leans more Democrat and therefore this district is more blue, certainly much bluer than the new 12th district.

This new district is closest to the area Senator Melissa Hurtado currently represents, but she has said she intends to run for a different district this year. This leaves no incumbent in this race, but two politicians have already jumped on that. Nicole Parra, the former state assembly member and civil rights lawyer Rob Fuentes have announced a run for the district.

The new 14th district

There are not too many geographical changes to the new 14th district, which is centered in the Fresno region. There are significant changes in candidates.

Hurtado said this is the district in which she will seek reelection. This means she will be running against another incumbent and another democrat Anna Caballero who is a former state assembly member and former mayor of Salinas.