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BAKERSFIELD, CA. (KGET)- Tuesday night, after polls closed, it seemed results didn’t appear for several hours and still lagging. Some have had enough of the disorganized office and want something to change.

The elections office has been anything but boring.

Drama includes the untimely departure of an election official just two weeks ago, missing party endorsements for assembly and congressional candidates, and sample ballots being sent out after absentee ballots.

Now, criticism on the pace of election night and slow election results.

Numbers were being posted shortly after polls closed at 8 pm, but then there were no updates for several hours.

Now, TV-17s political annalists are hoping this mess of an election will spark the county to rework what’s going on at election headquarters.

According to election headquarters, they worked throughout the night. they received their final ballots from Ridgecrest around one-thirty in the morning, and the last employee did not leave the office until four a.m.

We reached out to Mary Bedard who says updating result numbers was typical, roughly every two hour, and that it can stop the entire process for up to a half hour while we run the update, delaying the process even later into the night. it is unclear if the slow pace had anything to do with a staffing shortage. Also the elections office will not have unprocessed ballot estimates until Thursday. Final results could take up to 30 days.

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