President Trump supporters gather to pray for his reelection

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – A group of Trump supporters gathered near the Home Depot on Rosedale Hwy to pray for the president’s reelection. They say he still has a chance at winning.

“Give President Trump four more years, Lord, give that leadership four more years, Father.”

This group came out to show their support despite the odds being against them. A handful of speakers took the mic to lead in prayer. They all prayed for the same thing.

“Reverse God all these wrongful Biden votes lord.”

They hope President Trump’s lawsuits get him enough votes to win Pennsylvania. But in addition to Pennsylvania President Trump would need to win at least three other states to be reelected. One supporter, Greg Flanagan says he doesn’t trust the final vote count.

“They’re setting up with these mail out ballots which sets things up for fraud and then now if they’re not letting the poll watchers if they’re actually kicking them out and not letting them in buildings,” Flanagan said. “Why would you do that if you’re not committing fraud?”

Another supporter, Anthony Rodriguez, says he’s happy to accept the results. But he’s not certain this was a fair election.

“We’re not like they say, trump supporters that are going to the streets and be like, we’re not taking it,” Rodriguez said. “It’s not like that at all we just want something that’s fair.”

He supports the President’s decision to take the results to court, regardless of the outcome.

“Even if you see 80 ballots in the trash can, that’s voter fraud,” Rodriguez said. “I hate to say it, and he has every right to legally challenge anything after that.”

Right across the street there was also a group celebrating Biden’s victory. They stood with flags on the corner of Rosedale Hwy and Coffee Rd.

“You know what it was a great win for us as a country to get back on the right track,” said BLM activist Kyle Benson. “So this is a step in the right direction for the country. Not only for politics, but us as humans, so we can start treating each other as humans again.”

Both sides remain hopeful for two different futures. One more definite than the other.

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