BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Delano Mayor Bryan Osorio conceded defeat in the city’s council race. Osorio trails two candidates in the race for two seats.

Osorio posted a concession message on social media on Wednesday.

Liz Morris — 2,491 votes — and Mario Nunez, Jr. — 2,455 votes — lead the race for the top two spots. Osorio trailed Nunez Jr. by 131 votes, according to vote tallies from Kern County elections officials.

“It is clear I fell short in my bid for re-election to the Delano City Council,” Osorio said. “As I close out my term this month, I’ll reflect on the many good memories I made with friends as a council member and mayor as we got into ‘good trouble’ to advocate for young people and families in Delano.”

Osorio is currently a member of the Delano City Council and has served as the city’s mayor since 2020. Osorio was elected to the council in 2018.

Liz Morris is currently a member of the Delano City Council and was elected in 2018.

Mario Nunez Jr. is a retired Delano police sergeant.

The Delano City Council is represented with five seats through at-large elections. There are no boundaries for districts or wards. If elected, candidates would serve four-year terms on the council.

Election results in Kern County are set to be certified by county supervisors on Friday.