BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Tonight there is still much-unfinished business at elections headquarters with no final count of yesterday’s voter turnout. Kern County election officials saying ballot counting is still underway.

There are definitely more questions than answers when it comes to how many people cast a vote for the primaries. Kern County released unofficial numbers early Wednesday morning but we still don’t know how many ballots have yet to be counted.

“This election had low turnout,” said Republican analyst Cathy Abernathy. “I think because people did not know much about the state-wide candidates, a lot of people voted pretty late like the last 6, 7 days.”

Election officials confirm that numbers reported as of Wednesday are “unofficial” and only account for election night ballots.

“That is still not a big amount,” said Abernathy. “we know it’s still a small turnout it still should be manageable.”

County election results indicate that all 569 precincts have been reported.

“Voter turnout among Democrats is low,” said Democratic analyst Neel Sannapa. “We just went thru the Trump years, we just elected Biden so there is a fatigue there.”

According to the Secretary of State, Kern reports a 6.9% voter turnout, placing Kern among the counties with the lowest turnout for this year’s primaries, a figure that can change in the next few days.
“Voter turnout is going to be a little higher than 6%,” said Sannapa. “Not exactly sure where it’ll be but it will still be historically low.”

Countywide results report more than 29,300 votes cast in the gubernatorial race. But this may not be a definite indication as to how many people actually voted in Kern County and for now, constituents must play a mandatory wait game.

“We know they haven’t finished counting the absentee ballots that they’ve had, let alone the new ones that came in,” said Abernathy. “When you announce someone is the winner and it’s only 10% of the vote it’s meaningless.”

July 15 is the deadline to certify the election. Ballots postmarked by election day can be received up to 7 days after.