BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — There are plenty of ballots left to count in Kern County, with the election’s office reporting more than 55,000 ballots in need of processing from the midterm general election. What’s taking so long?

According to the election’s office, recently the ballot sorting machine was down for repairs. However, it is now fixed and working, but with the process it takes and the time it was down, this could make the process of knowing results even longer.

This is why Kern County Clerk Mary Bedard urges voters as they wait for results from election day to think of it as election season. That season is happening as the election’s office continues to process ballots from the midterm election.

Bedard shares that this process ensures security and integrity.

“There is all of these checks and balances throughout the process where we can make sure we can account for every ballot that has come in,” said Bedard.

She knows voters want the process to go faster, but Bedard shares that the process is moving along as quickly as possible.

“With over 100,000 ballots since election day it simply takes time,” said Bedard.

The time to process these ballots could affect tighter races like the 22nd congressional district, the race for State Assembly in the 35th District, or even the 16th District State Senator race, where the results are still unclear.

According to the election’s office, the next update of unofficial election results is Friday.