Maricopa City Council race decided by coin toss

MARICOPA, Calif. (KGET) — By the flip of a coin, Maricopa now has a new City Council member. 

On Tuesday, the result of a coin toss decided who would sit on the Maricopa City Council for the next term. Richard Albright won the coin flip — heads — against his opponent, Johnny Lee Horn Jr. He was subsequently sworn in at the meeting. 

Horn Jr. and Albright had each received 126 votes apiece in the November election, so it was decided the winner would be selected by a flip of the coin. 

“I would have rather that it was an absolute choice by the citizens. However, apparently God has to intervene supposedly in our activities, so that’s fair enough for me,” Albright said.

Two other City Council winners were sworn in last night as well. A total of three seats were up for grabs. 

Albright says he looks forward to serving the city. His top priority: bringing more businesses to Maricopa.