Editor’s note: A previous version of this story incorrectly titled two candidates for county offices. It has been updated to clarify their candidacy.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Local Republican political leaders appeared on a Democratic flyer sent out to voters and it was believed to be a tactic to confuse voters before the primary election.

The flyer showed past Democratic presidents, such as Barack Obama, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy and read “Vote Democratic!”

Well known Republican candidates, such as Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer, Sheriff Donny Youngblood, Todd Reeves, running for assessor-recorder, and Jeff Flores, running for Kern County Supervisor for District 3, were also on the flyer.

The firm Western Pacific Research represents the candidates.

The legal disclaimer for the mailer shows that the Republican candidates paid for it and approved the mailed-out flyer.

Cathy Abernathy, President at Western Pacific Research, stated candidates pay to be on the mailing list to reach Democratic voters.

Abernathy stated, the firm provides the candidates’ photos, names, and a text. Then the Democratic Voters Choice prepares the mailer and sends it out.

“There is no connection between our candidates and other candidates or messages on that flyer,” said Abernathy.

Louis Gill, candidate for Kern County supervisor in the 3rd district, released a statement on the ad Friday. Gill called the flyer “deceptive.”

I have been made aware of the deceptive campaign mailers from my opponent, Jeff Flores, in which he made serious misrepresentations about his political party to thousands of voters in the third district. Jeff continues to demonstrate that he lacks the necessary strength and character to be a leader. At the advice of his consultant my opponent approved and paid more than $2,000 to be on the Democratic mailer knowing very well that it was misleading. Jeff’s decision to lie and intentionally deceive voters about his political party 
obviously calls into question his judgement, his capacity for honesty, and his ability to make ethical choices while serving in public office. It also deprives voters of meaningful discussion about the challenges that the third district has faced during Jeff’s 12-year tenure in county government. Homelessness, crime, vandalism, and unemployment have all surged during that time and Jeff has yet to offer any meaningful plan to address any of these issues. It’s time for a change.

Louis Gill