BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Jeff Flores announced Tuesday what 17 News has been reporting for weeks — his bid to replace his boss, Mike Maggard, on Kern County’s Board of Supervisors.

“Now with dangerous state laws that release prisoners early, state and national policies that cause inflation, homelessness at the door of our neighborhoods and businesses, Kern County is at a crossroads,” Flores said.

Flores made the announcement at Panorama Park Tuesday morning, just two weeks after his boss dropped big news of his own — that he was stepping down as 3rd district supervisor when his terms ends in 2022.

“As board trustee at Kern High School Board of Trustees and chief of staff to Supervisor Mike Maggard, the voter can trust that I am prepared to be their county Supervisor,” he said in his announcement speech.

Both Maggard and Flores’ announcements had been weeks in the making. 17 News found Flores filled out paperwork with the Secretary of State before Maggard declared his intent to step down, something we asked Flores about on Tuesday.

“We wanted to be respectful of Supervisor Maggard’s decision and I wanted to announce after that decision,” he said.

Flores is the third candidate to enter a now packed race to represent the 3rd district, which covers northeast and parts of southwest Bakersfield, as well as Oildale.

Last week, retired CHP assistant chief Brian Smith announced his bid. Two weeks ago, former Bakersfield Homeless Center CEO Louis Gill switched his political ambitions from congress to the seat on Kern’s Board.

And with all three set to face off in the June primary less than six months from now, the endorsements have already begun. Flores confirmed to 17 News on Tuesday he has support from Kern’s Prosecutors’ Association.

“It’s a strong law enforcement endorsement and I’m so proud to have them on my side,” Flores said.

In the upcoming 2022 midterms, the 2nd district on Kern’s Board will also be on the ballot.
That seat is held by Zack Scrivner, who hasn’t officially announced yet whether he will seek reelection.