Frequently asked questions: how long until your ballot is processed, observe ballot counting on election night

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Q. One viewer wants to know – how often does the county pick up ballots?

A. The elections office says that any ballots dropped off at their office, at a satellite office, or at any official curbside dropoff, are delivered to the election office on the same day. The ballot tracker wont notify you about your ballot being delivered until the office processes it. The elections office says its taking a little longer than usual to process ballots for two reasons: there’s been a high volume coming in and the office’s sorting machine is under maintenance.

Q. So what if someone wants to observe the whole ballot counting process on election night? One viewer – David Brust – says he’s gone back and forth with the elections office for three weeks to save a spot as an observer. What should he do?

A. The elections office says that anyone can observe the counting of ballots on election night. They prefer that you tell them beforehand, but anyone who comes the night of will be accommodated. If you schedule an appointment at the elections office or come in and tell them that you want to observe – they’ll hand you a statement to sign and you’ll be good to go. Observers have to wear masks, and they might end up rotating observers to allow for social distancing.

If you find any problems with your ballot or if you have any questions … send an email to or call the station at 283-1717.

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