Cybersecurity experts raise concerns ahead of recall election

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — There are major concerns about the security of the Sept. 14 recall election.
That’s because three weeks ago, copies of the software used to run elections in Michigan and Colorado were distributed to the public at an event organized by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell — nearly identical software to that used in Kern County.
It’s been described as “access to everything” — code distributed to the public showing the inner workings of Dominion voting systems.
“When you suddenly publicize it, and you get tens of thousands of downloads, it means almost anybody could start being involved in trying to hack the system,” chair emeritus at the University of South Carolina Duncan Buell said.

In a letter to the California secretary of state’s office Thursday, Buell and other cybersecurity experts called for a statewide post-election audit that would find and correct inconsistencies in the recall election results.
40 counties in California, including Kern County, use Dominion voting software nearly identical to the leaked versions.
Should voters here in Kern be alarmed?
“They shouldn’t be alarmed, they should be concerned,” Buell said.
In every county in California, officials conduct a one percent manual tally.
“We do a random selection of 1 percent of the precincts, and then we do a hand count of all of the votes in those precincts and compare them to the machine tally,” Kern County Clerk Mary Bedard said.
It gives counties a way to check if votes are being reported correctly. Should inconsistencies pop up, Kern County can report them to the secretary of state’s office.
“The equipment is kept under lock and key and even within our office, it’s security badge access,” Bedard said. “Only certain employees have access to the equipment.”
Between the manual tally, the equipment security and a vast majority of Kern County voters using paper ballots, Bedard is confident that the voting process will be secure. She said that beyond the one percent manual tally, Kern County has no plans to conduct any further post-election audits.

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