BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — A Fresno man who wants David Valadao’s seat in Congress is suing the Secretary of State for rejecting what he wants to be called on the ballot this June.

Chris Mathys is running for the 22nd congressional district, which includes portions of Kern County.

Mathys considers himself a steadfast supporter of former President Donald Trump. We spoke with him recently and he talked about how that is a huge part of him as a candidate.

So much so, that he wanted his ballot designation in the primary election to specifically say he is a ‘Trump Conservative/Businessman.’

The Secretary of State Shirley Weber rejected that, saying a ballot designation must indicate a candidate’s profession, vocation or occupation.

She said ‘Trump Conservative’ did not fall into that category, also adding Mathys did not provide enough details to be designated a businesses man either.

In a statement Mathys said he is suing because he has the right to self-identify and chose a ballot designation that aligns with his principals without discrimination.

The race for Kern’s 22nd congressional district has a fairly packed field. It’s considered one of the most competitive races in the country. Overall, the districts leans blue, but in the past, Republicans have seen high turnout and won despite the Democrat’s registration advantage.

Joining Valadao and Mathys in this race is Republican Adam Medeiros and Democrat Rudy Salas as well as William Cahill, Adam Holt and Elvin Valenzuela.

The hearing for the lawsuit is set for Friday at 11:30 AM.